Ep. 2 – Kahdri Verses The Thin Felor

Janessa had looked troubled and there were wrinkles over her eyes that Kahdri had never seen before. Janessa had not tried Bramie’s move with just one hand and something told Kahdri that if she did it would not be good. Kahdri signed a warning to her, but Janessa shook her head with her face covered by that stubborn frown-mask of determination. Kahdri knew she would not take it off until she was made to cheer or cry. Janessa’s jade-gold eyes looked like they were hard inside and when she ran, her long limbs kicked and spun her body in just the right way. Janessa was so graceful to watch, and Kahdri was hopeful that she might be cheering with her, soon. Continue reading Ep. 2 – Kahdri Verses The Thin Felor