Support this Podcast

First of all, thank you for listening to my fantastic little tales!

It’s early days for this podcast, so a lot of things are yet to be decided, but how much sense would it make to throw advertisements into a story podcast? If it makes sense, I will consider it! But I would prefer for the podcast to be self-sufficient, and for that…

…more than anything else this show needs listeners. If all you want to/can do is listen, please do! However, if you are able to show your support in a way that will actively improve the quality of the show, there are ways to do that, too.

Donations are one way to go. Money received will pay for the software and hardware needs of this podcast, especially as it grows.

I have an Amazon Wishlist, and while some of those items are perhaps a pipe dream, they would have a noticeable impact on the quality of the show. You will hear the difference! (Though in the case of the chair it might be what you don’t hear, such as my complaints.)

There are a few books on Amazon you might consider, which are actually free if you’re already a subscriber to Amazon Kindle.

I will be considering other ways to support this show as we go forward on this journey.