The good news is it wasn’t a joke…surprise?

April the first came and went and my ability to stay on top of the podcast fluctuated fairly wildly. It’s like this: I’ll never apologize for putting family first, and that’s pat. As of yesterday Episode 4 is live as announced on Twiiter (check it out). Yay! I enjoyed voicing this new character, and look forward to doing more for the next episode.

Wassat? Yep! This is going to be a multi-parter. We’ll see just how many episodes it will be and what the arc will look like, but it strikes me a necessary. Y’all jumped right in with the romantic shenanigans of Gowan and Raven but then backed right off when they were no longer a feature. Understandable. I do have plans for a novel based on those two characters, but that’s been an idea I’ve been sitting on since high school, so…yeah.


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